Accounting Qualifications


Why is a qualification in accounting so important?
We use two qualifications from different institutions, ACCA and CIMA, to compare the benefits:

CIMA qualification benefits - for the student
The CIMA qualification has been carefully assembled to comply with the needs of businesses to expand economically qualified innovators.
Getting the CIMA qualification will certainly equip you with the important skills needed to operate at the highest degree of a company. CIMA members currently operate in a huge selection of positions including main managers, chief cash officers, supervisors, and firm professionals.
Independent studies in the UK compared the CIMA syllabus and evaluations with many other considerable professional institutes and found that CIMA's syllabus offers:

  1. More administration bookkeeping
  2. Lots more industrial techniques
  3. A lot of additional financial approaches

The skills you will acquire through a CIMA qualification will both positively affect your potential salary and also enable you to work in higher ranking positions within a company.

CIMA qualification benefits – for the employer
Your full investment in the CIMA qualification will definitely enable your team to be more determined and knowledgeable.
They will also gain the potential to manage more elaborate functions of business in addition to working successfully with other professionals around the world, both within and beyond the finance sector.

ACCA qualification benefits - for the student
The ACCA qualification will definitely enhance your work ability. It will certainly improve your feasible profits in addition to supply you with a much more flexible occupation, both in regard to the type of industry and location.
Passing the ACCA is proof of your capabilities as a Chartered Certified Financial Accountant advisor and you will definitely have a great proficiency of a considerable spectrum of monetary and accounting areas.
You will definitely join a first-rate team of financial advisors comprised of over 500,000 pupils and individuals around the globe and upon accreditation as an ACCA person you will be represented with the characters ACCA after your name.

ACCA qualification benefits – for the employer
Your financial investment in the ACCA qualification will definitely make you team even more enthusiastic and enlightened. They will be able to tackle more advanced levels of work in addition to becoming more internationally mobile and able to function efficiently by networking with fellow finance professionals around the world.