CIMA Qualifications

What are CIMA qualifications?

CIMA qualifications are qualifications in management accounting.  The qualifications focus on teaching you to be an effective manager.  An effective manager should be able to use accounting information to make accurate business decisions. 

What use is a CIMA qualification?

A CIMA qualification will teach you many things:

  • You will gain expert knowledge in the financial field.
  • Your decision making skills will develop greatly during this course.
  • You will learn how to use your accounting skills in making decisions.
  • The CIMA qualification will make sure that you keep learning all through your life – you never stop learning even after you have completed the CIMA qualification.

There are even more benefits:

  • With CIMA qualifications you will gain access to many different careers in business. 
  • The CIMA qualifications will allow you to work in almost any country. 
  • If you plan to study even further in business, the CIMA qualification will give you the boost you need.

Which CIMA Qualifications are there?

You can study any of these qualifications as long as you meet the entrance requirements.

  • CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting;
  • CIMA Professional Qualification: Operational Level;
  • CIMA Professional Qualification: Managerial Level;
  • CIMA Professional Qualification: Strategic Level; and
  • CIMA Professional Competence: T4 part (A) and T4 part (B)

Where can I study for CIMA qualifications?

CIMA is very particular about who are allowed to offer their courses.  There are only two worthwhile in South Africa:

College SA

College SA is one of the most reputable distance learning colleges in South Africa.  They have been faithfully serving student for many years.  They focus on giving the best service, the best courses and the best qualifications.  
College SA [SA College of Home Study (Pty) Ltd] is Provisionally Registered as a Private FET College in terms of the Further Education and Training Colleges Act, 2006 (Act No.16 of 2006) until 31 December 2015. Registration Number: 2009/FE07/099. Certificate Number 0362-P.
College SA offers all the CIMA courses.  You can contact them here:

Cape Town office:

Toll free number: 0800 21 23 22
From outside SA: +27 12 323 3001
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 520 5080

Pretoria registration office:

Toll free number: 0800 21 23 22
From outside SA: +27 12 323 3001
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 513 2713